"User Driven Application Development"

Application development without technical gobbledygook and unnecessary documentation unites IT and Business as equal partners. More

Boost your process efficiency - now.

Process improvements, until now failed due to resource shortage or implementation effort, can be implemented quickly and economically. More

Discover additional sourcing alternatives.

Business departments can be allowed some development autonomy
without jeopardising the consistency of your IT environment. More

Cast light into your legacy systems.

kenroadsDesigner reveals business logic, helps eliminating
"head monopolies" and facilitates application modernisation. More

About us

From many years of own practical experience we know about the importance of good IT solutions for business success - but are also aware of the obstacles to their realisation. For the benefit of both users and IT professionals we help to ensure that the implementation of creative ideas does no longer fail because of cost barriers, resource constraints or clumsy processes.


The kenroadsDesigner

Using selected AI techniques, our innovative expert-based solution automatically derives structured knowledge from unstructured raw data and transforms it into user-defined output formats. The kenroadsDesigner enables even non-IT-savvy people to participate actively in developing IT solutions. Projects benefit from business competence directly fed into new IT applications.



From interactive development of new IT applications based on user-friendly and easy-to-understand specifications to the re-engineering of poorly documented legacy systems by revealing hidden business logic - the application possibilities of kenroadsDesigner are wide ranged.


kenroadsDesigner on trial at University of Applied Sciences

In summer semester 2011 kenroadsDesigner was subject of a project at the University of Applied Sciences in Frankfurt. 15 students of business computer science, supervised by Prof. Dr. Christoph Thomas, developed process solutions and examined the qualities of kenroadsDesigner.