For teamwork there are no limits.

We are joint in the believe that kenroadsDesigner will open
new perspectives to the development of intelligent IT solutions.

Act local - Think global

... not only is this our guideline for product development and general practices, but already a vital part of our living organisation.

For the development of stable and reliable products it is necessary to not only focus on today's functionality, but also to develop a distinct idea of end user's future needs. An understanding of our customers' motifs as well as the knowledge of general market requirements and technology trends are essential. Borders should no longer be limits today - neither in head nor on the map.

Our team does not only reflect this profile through its range of experience, but also lives it in day-to-day life. We are united in our collective responsibility for product and customer in ONE team, even if we are at home at two distant locations: in Cologne and Lviv, Ukraine. In Lviv we had the pleasure to establish a dedicated team of highly skilled, experienced and loyal developers.

Sascha LehnerSascha Lehner
Sascha has extensive experience in software development, particularly in design and implementation of individual customer solutions. During his Master's courses in computer science, he started working on artificial intelligence and the concepts of knowledge - a passion which he has remained true to until today. From this constant interplay between practice and science, the idea of the kenroadsDesigner came up.

Sascha Lehner is the inventor and spiritual father of the kenroadsDesigner. He is a founding partner and acting General Manager.

Jürgen GeiselJürgen Geisel
Many projects and responsibilities in 30 years as an IT Professional and IT Executive have taught Jürgen that the success of IT solutions will be decided above all at the interface between business and IT. For him the kenroadsDesigner not only allows for significant efficiency gains in application development, but also improves both the "business alignment of IT" and the partnership between Business and IT.

Jürgen Geisel is also a founding partner.

Maksym HukalloMaksym Hukallo
Maksym is a long-time project manager and owner of a "High Degree in Information Technologies and Measurements". He has run numerous development projects, often in a multinational environment. His specific experiences include both traditional and agile development methods as well as working in distributed project teams.

Maksym Hukallo has accompanied the development of kenroadsDesigner almost from the start. He is now in charge of our development center in Lviv and as Delivery Manager, he is responsible for processes and product delivery.


Andriy MaksymovychAndriy Maksymovych
Even before he got his Master's Degree in Applied Mathematics Andriy has been multiple winner of relevant computer science and math's competitions. His main experiences are in the field of system architectures and technical design of IT solutions.

Andriy Maksymovych, too, has been with us since the very beginning. As Lead Architect, he is in charge of our solutions' overall architecture and the technical design of new features and releases.

"The kenroads team has always been flexible, friendly and helpful, making collaboration easy and efficient. It was much fun working with the team."

"The kenroads team gave us any assistance we needed."

Only two findings quoted from the student's final project reports at University of Applied Sciences, Frankfurt.