Tackle your cost and resource constraints.

Improved development efficiency reduces effort,
saves resources and accelerates time-to-market.

Benefits and Advantages

IT and Business Units - equal partners and common beneficiary. 

kenroadsDesigner lets you successfully deal with urgent problems threatening the reactivity and competitiveness of your company, such as cost and resource shortages or optimisation potentials laying idle. It also addresses cultural challenges resulting from these conditions which now are jeopardising the harmony between IT and business units.

In sum kenroadsDesigner provides a full variety of potential benefits:

  • Development efficiency .
    Time and cost savings in comparison to traditional concepts.
  • Time-to-Market acceleration.
    Quick and flexible roll-out of products and solutions.
  • Business process optimisation.
    Process optimisations, having failed so far due to resource shortage or implementation effort, can now be implemented quickly and economically.
  • Improved quality.
    Ensured consistency between original business idea and resulting IT application.
  • Risk minimisation.
    Significantly reduced change management overhead, improved planning stability and reduced project risks.
  • Resource efficiency and sourcing options.
    Purposeful collaboration between IT and business units reduces resource constraints in IT.

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