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You only need easy-to-understand Word or Excel
documents for developing "true" IT applications.

User Driven Application Development

Chart application development

With kenroadsDesigner you will produce an IT application just on the fly. Already in the course of developing your first and possibly still vague requirements kenroadsDesigner will be able to generate an executable prototype. Playing with the prototype will make so far only "theoretic" requirements come alive, which in turn will inspire you to further, more detailed and more advanced ideas. You only have to extend your specifications (in really business oriented formats), press a button and experience very practically what you have specified so far. At the end of this iterative process of specifying, generating and lifelike validating you will have automatically produced an application, which truly matches your actual requirements. We call this genuine User Driven Application Development.

The smooth integration and parallelisation of requirements specification and development generates significant time and cost savings. One of our customers describes his experiences as follows:

"Specifying our requirements now takes us the same time and effort as before. The decisive difference is that we no longer have to wait for the actual development and programming. Having completed our requirements now means that the whole application is ready for roll-out, which has boosted our time-to-market."

We are aware of the fact that this concept of enabling business units to develop their own applications, e.g. for process automation purposes, raises a couple of questions, specifically in central IT.

Of course we do not question the overall responsibility of central IT for smooth and reliable IT operations. However, we believe that there is a necessity to give business units a well-managed autonomy to develop local solutions daily business processes require for.  Experience proofs that potentials for business optimisations and efficiency gains still lay idle or are being tackled by isolated stand-alone solutions (e.g. Excel applications) that are hardly to maintain appropriately.

In this respect kenroadsDesigner can serve as an integrative solution platform, IT, too, will benefit from. In contrast to other concepts kenroadsDesigner generates applications that will fit to the general IT environment and therefore not jeopardise the overall IT consistency. kenroadsDesigner combines a great number of characteristics and features advantageous to all parties.

  • It supports business oriented requirements specifications and transforms them directly into executable prototypes.
  • Understandable business documentation and template for application generation - it is all-in-one and eliminates redundancy.
  • Significantly reduced development costs.
  • Substantial time and flexibility gains in both development and time-to-market.
  • Hardly maintainable isolated "ad-hoc-solutions" will be replaced by standard compliant applications.
  • Mission critical projects benefit from resource savings in central IT.
  • IT will be able to constructively respond to business units' request for controlled development autonomy and will be released from their naysayer image.


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