IT applications serve business requirements.

IT solutions can be generated from strictly
business oriented specification documents.

The kenroadsDesigner

kenroadsDesigner is an intelligent generator that analyses unstructured or unknown input data using AI-based concepts. It extracts domain knowledge hidden in input data and uses this knowledge to generate specific output formats. For example: From simple Word and Excel documents we generate complete IT applications. Inspiration for our innovation was none other than our many years of own IT experience, particularly the permanent challenge of balancing between IT and business.

Chart kenroadsDesigner

The development of IT solutions is almost always a balancing act between two worlds. Especially the development of application solutions shows us quite plainly how difficult it is to translate business requirements into the final product. Typically, conventional development processes use multiple transformation steps in which the original specification of the requirements is translated in ever more formal, more abstract and mainly more IT specific description formats. It is not surprising that the original customers very soon can no longer recognise their original idea in the design documents and hence can no longer decide whether the request has been properly understood and interpreted. Misunderstandings and sometimes even disappointments are not unusual consequences.

kenroadsDesigner provides a new approach being based on

  • the direct and continuous involvement of the business unit, and
  • the consistent use of easy to understand and, above all, business oriented specification documents as basis for an intelligent generation step.

Supported by intelligent analysis and generation concepts from the field of artificial intelligence (AI) the user can become developer themself - just without any programming knowledge. As to prevent this from being an attack on central IT's overall responsibility, kenroadsDesigner's runtime components are highly standardised and also adaptable to in-house standards. Thus kenroadsDesigner does not reinforce any conflict between IT and business units, but on the contrary leads to

  • an optimised task sharing,
  • improved resource efficiency, and
  • an equal partnership between IT and business.

kenroadsDesigner contributes to a further "business alignment of IT" and an improved competitiveness of your application development capabilities.

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